Annika and Travis

So cute… So happy…. Annika and Travis, may you treasure each other and be this happy always.

Bride Annika looking like perfection in the Shareen Bridal “Josephine” for her and Travis’ wedding at Judson Studios in Highland Park, CA. 

Racked’s “More Shops Insiders Want in LA Next Year”

Shareen loves New York’s The City Bakery (and really, don’t we all?) in today’s More Shops Insiders Want in LA Next Year post from Racked LA.

On the left are their homemade marshmallows, and the right are pretzel croissants. And may we just mention the Baker’s Muffins?


Racked’s Best of LA 2014

We love Racked’s Best of LA 2014. Shareen and other “influential” angelenos weigh in today on their favorite stores and brands.

Shareen loves Clover

and Valleybrink Road

Look for more tomorrow.

Shareen Vintage Voted Best Vintage Store by Racked LA

This award sits on my desk. Staring at it, I’ve finally begun to digest the meaning here implied. I haven’t yet fully absorbed and honored this acknowledgement. It’s quite huge really and such a testament to the bold, bright, big community that is Shareen Vintage. Thank you all for voting for us, for your loyalty and support. I’m kind of blown away. Pretty cool, huh? Best vintage store in LA! Damn good. Thank you, Racked. Thank you.