Shareen Bridal NY Times

Honored by the New York Times today in the “Dresses Our Brides Have Worn” article. Rebecca was featured in a one-of-a-kind vintage reworked “Alexa” from SHAREEN Bridal. Originally a strapless 1950s prom dress. Thanks to all – So grateful!

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Photos by AnnMarie Collins for AMC Photography. Article by Eleanor Stanford for NYT.


Life is so much quilting.

That was when I met that girl, and that was when I had that internship I hated.
And there is that guy who broke up with me, and then the loss of my grandmother.
And prom, and my first kiss, and there is that day I met my lifetime best friend.

And that is the dress I never really liked,  which cost me that job, which made it possible for me to end up there, and that changed me forever. And there is the darkness of a winter, complicated and cold,  the summer I risked to go to France, and there is that fall I learned how to dance.

And little did I know that because of that class,  I would meet her, that woman who sent me to meet that man who healed my mind. And he helped me to be who I am, and showed me that it is safe to mix prints, and that I could take it all and put it together any way I wanted to become this me,  beautiful and textured and fascinating and unique and a map for others to follow.

As a whole,  it all makes sense, and I see now that the hard times are for those,  that under this, the quilt of my life, may know warmth.

Shareen Collection – Transformations

The beads of change! A red jacket created sometime in the 1980s caught the eye of designer Shareen Mitchell, who, biased to elegance, thought to transform the piece into an extra-ordinary beaded bustier gown. The result, which she calls “Stella” is a similar beauty given a new voice. As the wise Mae West once said, “All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else.” Shareen Mitchell cultivates this wisdom in each design she endeavors upon, translating potential details into elegance.



















Artist Alia Penner Takes Her Art to NYFW

Alia in front of the backdrop she designed for Anna Sui’s latest collection.

While we have sung her praises before, we will keep on singing because our client Alia Penner is a truly great artist. Most recently, she created the backdrop for Anna Sui’s Spring 2014 collection at NYFW. Her work is beautiful, whimsical, and magical, much like Alia herself. Her backdrop was a perfect compliment to Anna’s hippie-esque collection.

A smaller version of Alia’s backdrop.

Anna Sui at the end of her Spring 2014 show.

To read more about the inspiration behind Alia’s backdrop click here. And to see more of Alia’s work, visit her website here.