Jenny Weaver — Let It Break

Jenny Weaver is a singer/song writer specializing in old-school country music. She has just released her debut album, “Let It Break.”

“I just hired my first band, strings and all, to bring the songs I have written over the last seven years to life.”

Jenny Weaver in a vintage dress from Shareen Downtown.

“When a song is alive and happening in the moment I don’t feel like I am creating it myself. I really feel like I am tapped into something that wants to come out in that moment. It’s the wildest, freest, most blissed out feeling.”

“When I force myself to sit and  write a song, it feels like effort and it often doesn’t happen,  but when a song is coming through me I have to stop everything and allow it.”

YOU can listen to “Let It Break” available now on iTunes

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