The Wedding of Kelsey & Joe

hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_05hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_11pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_06pp_w760_h505 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_17pp_w760_h505 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_18hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_14hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_19 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_20pp_w760_h760 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_22pp_w760_h760 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_23pp_w760_h760 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_27hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_33pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_44pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_41pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_40pp_w760_h505 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_43pp_w760_h505 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_53pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_38pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_36pp_w760_h505Kelsey is wearing Shareen Bridal.

Photography by Richard Israel. Florals by Urban Petals. Venue is Hotel Domestique in Greenville, South Carolina.

An Ojai Fairytale: Crystal and Murray






Crystal is wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the Ambi). Photography by Amanda Marsalis. Florals by Hollyflora.

See the full story by Crystal Meers featured in ELLE Magazine here.

The Wedding of Sabrina & Reuben















Sabrina in SHAREEN Bridal (the Susana). Photography by Shaw Photography Co. Flowers by Ella & Louie.


Autumn de Wilde

Autumn de Wilde is a photographer and director best known for her portraiture and commercial photography of musicians.



How did you come to photography? 

My father [Jerry de Wilde] taught me. He was a photographer and documented his friends and the scene in the 60s. He was a great inspiration to me. I grew up going through his photos.

I didn’t go to college. I went to a theater school and studied ballet for years until I got too tall. But the whole time I was fascinated by my father’s work as a photographer.

What was the first camera you ever used?

My first camera was my dad’s 35 mm Pentax. When he was sure I wouldn’t drop it he gave me a Nikon FM2.

Do you believe in a higher power, if so, what do you call it?

Yes, I believe in a higher power. It has no name and I like that I don’t know what it is.

If you woke up tomorrow without fear, what is the first action you would take?

I don’t feel that I have a lot of fear, but I do feel inhibited creatively because of financial reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful. I get to work as a photographer. I get to earn doing what I love, but there are so many creative things that I’d like to do that require more funds. And I’m expressing creatively with a lot of freedom, but there are so many ideas that I’d love to explore. So I guess if I had no fear, tomorrow morning I would spend my rent on the first idea that came to mind.

What would you need to have the courage to do that?

A classic patron of the arts.

I want to find that for you.

For what would you like to be forgiven?

I don’t really have any overwhelming guilt. That doesn’t mean I haven’t made any mistakes. It’s just that I’ve learned so much and I wouldn’t want any of my mistakes to be taken away.  You know, when I was growing up I was prone to playing it safe. I had to be encouraged to take risks and sometimes that risk-taking created very messy situations. If you’ve made mistakes and you haven’t figured out the good that came out of them it’s a shame because our greatest mistakes tend to teach us the most.


Photographs from Autumn’s father, Jerry de Wilde, taken in the 60s:






And here’s a look at some of our favorites of Autumn’s work: