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I feared
as much
as yearned
to know.
What will
I do, and
where shall
I go?
Will love
be there?

I remember
the year
of not


I remember
was a tent
in a
parking lot.

How they came!
Each one
carried with
her the pieces
of my redemption.

Though it
was I
that dressed
it was they
who covered
me in the
raiment of

This is how
I first knew
that God
is real.


LA’s Most Stylish Store Owners

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.18.22 PM

“Fashion’s social media superstars may be serenaded with free merch left and right, but even big-money blogstars love to shop. The shopkeeps behind LA’s best boutiques are style influencers in their own right, painstakingly traveling to fashion weeks around the globe and scouring local industry markets to discover the best rising designers.

Here, we shine a light on the fashionable folks responsible for stocking the racks of our city’s coolest shops. Meet seven of them below and find out what’s in their closet, the fresh talents they’re loving right now, the labels that are currently flying off shelves, and more.”

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Article by Danielle Directo-Meston and Nathalie Alcala

Photos by Kathryn Page

Shareen Downtown InStyle

Honored to be featured by InStyle Magazine as one of the Four Must See Vintage Stores in LA!


“It’s hard to leave empty handed after a visit to this downtown warehouse, which overflows with magical dresses from decades past. Shareen even has a bridal section for nostalgic brides looking for a gorgeous, secondhand gown. But take note: there’s a “no boys allowed” policy! ” -Janelle Grodsky of InStyle Magazine

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The Real Story (Clarity)



vintage mecca…


rework wonder…


collection go-to…


bridal must-see.








by appointment only.


There seems to be some confusion, so for the sake of clarity, your beloved Shareen Downtown is still the abundant vintage jewel you so kindly created with me. I join you in your love for that sisterhood clubhouse. It is my home and my blessing. I am maintaining it with new amazing vintage pieces weekly. This said, both Shareen LA and Shareen NY would be closed, yes, out of business, without the bridal collection. I thank God every day that I said yes to those of you who first asked me to make your wedding dresses. If I had resisted, both of my stores would have closed last year. I don’t think I need to tell you that the vintage market has changed significantly. Additionally, the dress fell out of fashion about four years ago. The fashion girl who built my business disappeared. Our foot traffic dropped to what would have been a terrifying place except that at the same time I began building out bridal. It made sense. I had done dresses for all of your moments, day to night, prom to formal. Of course I would now turn my attention to the most important of dresses.

The reality for Shareen NY is that it is just big enough to accommodate the bridal growth. As much as I would love to have the luxury of maintaining a room of vintage, it’s not worth it for a few 42 dollar vintage sales a week. It makes sense to let the store go bridal all the way and allow LA to keep all of its merchandise, securing it as the rockstar that it is!!

On a side note, I look forward to seeing all of you who have been gone for so long again soon. The dress is about to make a comeback, and I know few others and places more expert in the dress than yours truly.


SHAREEN Bridal in Los Angeles Magazine

Shareen Bridal on LA Magazine‘s short list of
“Top Wedding Dress Boutiques”.

2014-10-02 07.18.58

“If I were to have a slogan for my company it might be
‘Shareen…for the reluctant bride’
…My brides are a bit embarrassed by anything insincere,
inauthentic,or that plays into the hand of stale tradition.”

See the full article here.
(Bridal gown pictured is the “Karine” and “Anna“)

Shareen Vintage Voted Best Vintage Store by Racked LA

This award sits on my desk. Staring at it, I’ve finally begun to digest the meaning here implied. I haven’t yet fully absorbed and honored this acknowledgement. It’s quite huge really and such a testament to the bold, bright, big community that is Shareen Vintage. Thank you all for voting for us, for your loyalty and support. I’m kind of blown away. Pretty cool, huh? Best vintage store in LA! Damn good. Thank you, Racked. Thank you.


The News

On November 13th I will celebrate the beginning of my 10th year of business.
Thank you. Really. All of you.
I marvel at these past ten years, particularly at how very perfectly and organically this company has grown.
I can only  attribute the growth to what I might call a loving, creative collaboration.
My collaborators have, of course, been you.

I see now that the lessons I learned regarding service are those that have ultimately served me best.
It is clear to me too, that all I made for you has been everything that has made me.

The biggest change in our company is that our bridal and evening  collection, SHAREEN, is now earning between 50 and 70 percent of our earnings.
You have taken me from dressing you for your proms in 50’s tulle, to draping you in chiffons or swathing you in organza, for your parties and your weddings.
You cannot know what it feels like to me to see some of you in my bridal gowns knowing that we stood together in the parking lot of a flea market ten years ago, you in braces and combat boots, me starting a whole new way in life, blind except for your demand and direction.
Thank you.
Thank you for bringing me your needs and trusting me to meet them.

The NY  store has  had a complete renovation.  It is beautiful and elegant and now receives one bridal appointment after the next.  The vintage is still ever present but there is no mistaking that my New York clients come to me for the big event.

The LA store has already shape shifted to housing an extraordinary collection of vintage bridal and our line. The level of service in that store for evening wear and brides is incomparable.  Fabric swatches on hand, the taking of measurements, mixing bodices to skirts, my amazing production team at the ready, and me, willing to work with you, hear you thoughts and bend to you. I’m no idiot. I know now that to design for you is to design my future.


SHAREEN Bridesmaids on “Green Wedding Shoes”

The beautiful  Marissa’s and her lovely maids.  This glamorous and earthy Topanga Canyon wedding was recently featured by “Green Wedding Shoes”

Bridesmaids in SHAREEN

Bridesmaids in SHAREEN

Marissa chose four styles from the  SHAREEN collection for her attendants : “Grace,” both long and short,  “Angelica,” and “Kristen ” gown length.

Images by: Caroline + Jayden of Woodnote Photography