Emily & Matt: Wilderness Wonder

Delicate and romantic. Emily and Matt were overflowing with love and devotion for one another on their wedding day.

Emily is wearing SHAREEN bridal (the “Emily”). Photos by Cara Robbins.

Ali Stroker Spring Awakening Opening

The sultry Ali Stroker was stunning at the Broadway opening of Spring Awakening.


Ali Stroker is wearing SHAREEN (“Karine” and “Anna”). Photos by Getty Images and Ali herself.

Danyale: Bohemian in Big Sur

Such beautiful people, such beautiful photos. A perfect fairy tale. Their perfect love rings through.

Danyale is wearing SHAREEN (Karine with sleeves, Anna slip, velvet cape). Thank you to Ruffled and Erich McVey for photos.

Sharah’s Nuptials

She is stunning, elegant, poised. The perfect bride on the perfect day. She took his breath away.

All my love. Though it looks like you have more than enough between the two of you. Congratulations.


Sharah is wearing Shareen (the “Karine” with capped sleeve and the “Anna”). Her mother is also wearing Shareen (the “Audrey”).

Wedding by the Bay: Brittany and Colin

May they always look at each other with equal love and with as deep affection as they did on this day.

Love and blessings to the happy couple. You truly embody pure happiness.

Brittany is wearing SHAREEN bridal (the “Ashley”). Thank you to Hunter Ryan Photo for sharing these beautiful photos.

Kerrie’s Backyard Bliss

She is exciting, fun, and unique. He was taken with her from the start.

All my love and well wishes to you both. You look like the essence of happiness.

Kerrie is wearing SHAREEN bridal (the “Karrie”). Photos by loving guests at her wedding, sent by Kerrie herself.