The Wedding of Kelsey & Joe

hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_05hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_11pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_06pp_w760_h505 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_17pp_w760_h505 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_18hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_14hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_19 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_20pp_w760_h760 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_22pp_w760_h760 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_23pp_w760_h760 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_27hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_33pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_44pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_41pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_40pp_w760_h505 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_43pp_w760_h505 hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_53pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_38pp_w760_h505hotel_domestique_greenville_sc_wedding_36pp_w760_h505Kelsey is wearing Shareen Bridal.

Photography by Richard Israel. Florals by Urban Petals. Venue is Hotel Domestique in Greenville, South Carolina.

Coveteur – Wedding Dresses for the Vintage Obsessed



Let’s say you’re a bride whose closet is filled to the brim with old-school silk blouses, vintage 501s, eBay scores, and flea market finds; a cookie-cutter, mass-market bridal gown that’s been photographed to death isn’t really your jam. Shareen Mitchell created her namesake vintage-reworked and -inspired bridal collection with just that woman in mind. And with over a decade of curating pieces for her successful vintage bi-coastal boutiques in Los Angeles and New York, she knows a thing or two about what her clientele is looking for. Think: timeless silhouettes, unfussy fabrics, antique lace, retro-ruffles, and dresses with pockets (!!)—it’s like Martha Stewart Wedding’s Senior Fashion and Market Editor, Jessica King puts it: “It’s for a bride who loves a sense of history with a modern touch.” Exactly.”

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Written by Noah Lehava

Photography by Alec Kugler



The Wedding of Lindsay & Jayse


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Lindsay is in SHAREEN Vintage Bridal. Photography by Jenn Bryne Creative. Florals by Fantasy Floral Designs. Venue is Websterbeke Ranch in Sanoma, California.

An Ojai Fairytale: Crystal and Murray






Crystal is wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the Ambi). Photography by Amanda Marsalis. Florals by Hollyflora.

See the full story by Crystal Meers featured in ELLE Magazine here.

LA’s Most Stylish Store Owners

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.18.22 PM

“Fashion’s social media superstars may be serenaded with free merch left and right, but even big-money blogstars love to shop. The shopkeeps behind LA’s best boutiques are style influencers in their own right, painstakingly traveling to fashion weeks around the globe and scouring local industry markets to discover the best rising designers.

Here, we shine a light on the fashionable folks responsible for stocking the racks of our city’s coolest shops. Meet seven of them below and find out what’s in their closet, the fresh talents they’re loving right now, the labels that are currently flying off shelves, and more.”

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Article by Danielle Directo-Meston and Nathalie Alcala

Photos by Kathryn Page

The Wedding of Sarah and Matt

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Sarah is wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Alexa” in cotton). Photography by Ashley Dunlavy Photography. Flowers by Oberer’s Flowers of Columbus. Venue is Canyon Run Ranch in Pleasant Hill, Ohio.

SHAREEN Bridal in Los Angeles Magazine

Shareen Bridal on LA Magazine‘s short list of
“Top Wedding Dress Boutiques”.

2014-10-02 07.18.58

“If I were to have a slogan for my company it might be
‘Shareen…for the reluctant bride’
…My brides are a bit embarrassed by anything insincere,
inauthentic,or that plays into the hand of stale tradition.”

See the full article here.
(Bridal gown pictured is the “Karine” and “Anna“)

Best of the Best of SHAREEN Bridal 2015: Her Beloved

I want your face
Under my hands.
I will sculpt
It into my heart
With my fingertips.

I will place my lips
Upon your brow
And to your temples.
The bride of your
Nose will not be

You are today,
And now
My love.


Kelli and Brad.

Kelli wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Liza“). Photo by Horizon Light Photography. Hair/Makeup by Alathea Reese. Flowers by Unique Floral Designs. Venue is Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, CA.



Shane and Mike.

Shane wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Mandana” with custom neckline). Photography by Katie Branch for Tyler Branch Photo. Planning/Coordinating by Art & Soul Events. Venue is The Alamo Motel in Los Alamos, CA.



Julie and Matt.

Julie wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Meredith”). Photos by Paulina. Flowers by Yas Florals. Venue is Hotel Shangri-la in Santa Monica, CA.



Lorin and Troy.

Lorin wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Erika”). Photos by Laurie Bailey.
Hair by Alisha Cassandra. Venue is Dana Powers House in Nipoma, CA.



Kelly and Matt.

Kelly wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Kelly” and “Anna“).Photograph by Nastassia Clucas Bruckïn. Flowers by Kelly herself. Venue is Aldermarsh Retreat Center/Live Edge Woodworks on Whidbey Island, WA.



Neisha and Troy.

Neisha wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Karine” and custom yellow “Anna“). Photograph by Corey Torpie & Lauren Marie Marsh. Flowers by local vendors. Location is Gary’s Loft.


Ruffled - photo by -

Danyale and Matthew.

Danyale wearing SHAREEN Bridal (custom velvet cape, the “Karine” with sleeve and the “Anna“). Photography by Erich McVey. Flowers by Burst & Bloom. Venue is Wind & Sea Estate in Big Sur, CA.



Romel and Adam.

Romel wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Ashley” and “Donna“). Photography by Love Photography by Chanel.



Lisa and Chris.

Lisa wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Meredith“). Photograph by Weddings by Two. Flowers by Rachel of Taproot Flowers. Venue is in New York City, NY.



Emily and Matt.

Emily wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Emily“). Photograph by Cara Robbins. Flowers by Chica Bloom Farm. Venue is Emily’s parents’ home in Kenwood, CA.



Jenni and Stuart.

Jenni wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Libby“). Photography by Paul Raeburn. Flowers by Linzi Deprez of Jack Fleuriste. Venue is Prestonfield House in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Laura & Jason // Artic Club, Seattle.

Melissa and Ray.

Melissa wearing  SHAREEN Bridal (the “Donna” top and the “Melissa” skirt). Photography by Andria Lindquist. Flowers by Melissa’s sister-in-law and family. Venue is The Hollywood Schoolhouse in Seattle, WA.



Nicole and Andy.

Nicole wearing SHAREEN bridal (one-of-a-kind vintage “Alexa” rework). Photo credit to Jessi Field. Flowers by Florals By The Sea. Venue is Grayton Beach, FL.



Liza and Gareth.

Liza wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Liza” and the “Lace Topper”). Photograph by Nicole Goddard Photography. Flowers by friends and family. Venue is The Watercraft Center in Beaufort, NC.


Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 2.22.15 PM

Joanie and Cale.

Joanie wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Raquel” with custom shoulder detail and beading), Photograph by Max and Friends. Flowers by Moon Canyon. Venue is The Vibiana in Los Angeles, CA.


shareen 2

Hillary and Dirk.

Hillary wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Lea” with sleeves and the “Anna“). Photograph by Giny Ann Photography. Flowers by Kelsey Harper of Flower Girl Los Angeles. Venue is Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, CA.


Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 4.38.36 PM

Yael and Will.

Yael in SHAREEN Bridal (the “Helen“). Photograph by Shannon Sturgis. Flowers by Colie Collen. Venue is Blooming Hill Farm in Bloominghill, NY.



Sharah and Eugene.

Sharah wearing SHAREEN Bridal (the “Karine” with short sleeve and “Anna“). Photograph by Jeremy and Ashley Parsons. Venue is the family home in Montrose, CO.



Ashleigh and Matthew.

Ashleigh wearing SHAREEN Bridal (one-of-a-kind “Grace” vintage rework). Photograph by Lauren Belknap. Venue is Venice Pier in Venice Beach, CA.


Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 5.07.54 PM

Rebecca and Michael.

Rebecca wearing SHAREEN Bridal (one-of-a-kind “Alexa” vintage rework). Photography by AMC Photography. Venue is Metropolitan Building in New York, NY.